A day out in Vattholma

2 11 2011

Last year there was snow on the ground at the end of October. This year the temperatures are around 10C and the days are mostly dry and sunny. It suits me fine and I am sure that many other geocachers appreciate the extended caching season. On Saturday I took the opportunity given by the good weather to drive down to Skyttorp and Vattholma and do some maintenance on two of my Upptåg caches. Their popularity has been far greater than I would have dreamed of so the prime maintenance issue has been the need to add new log strips.

I started off close to Vattholma at Lena Kyrka with a short multi and either because I can’t count or do maths or because I couldn’t see the cache in amongst all the wet bushes that my GPS pointed me to I didn’t find it. I then had to wait for a muggle to disappear before I could retrieve the nearby cache FaE #6 Lena Gravfält.

Burial mounds at Lena

My next stop was to add a new log book (this time in a plastic bag) to my Upptåget #11 – Vattholma cache. I had to wait for a train to collect the handful of passengers that were waiting on the Uppsala side platform before I could grab the cache.

New log strip and bag

The log was dry so I put it into the new plastic bag and replaced the cache. I had solved the Kakura puzzle cache in advance so walked over to where I thought it would be and was pleased to find it right where the GPS pointed.

From there I drove up to the golf course where there was a single golfer in the car park. Once he had moved onto the course I could grab the cache. From there it was on into the village, stopping at FaE #8 Mil efter mil and thinking to myself when I found the cache that I need to place some like this as it makes sense if you want to do winter caching. I walked between a few caches enjoying the autumn air. At Vattholma Works Estate I gave myself a bit of a shock. As I rounded the tree at GZ a cat popped it’s head out of a hole and mewed at me. After an initial hesitation I had a helper opening and logging the cache.

The Vattholma Works Estate cache guardian

Help logging the find

I then continued on to pick up a handful of caches in and around the village. There was an interesting mix of locations and cache containers so the time was well spent. I won’t say which photo belongs to which cache as that might give the game away on a couple.

Vatthoma works and dam

No more canoes this season

Great hide! Can you see it?

Sorry! I didn't bring my skis.

I had a couple of DNF’s. The first one was at the disabled cache FaE #2 Klätterställningen but at least I got to see the giant snakes that make up the schools climbing frame. The second was Stormkök, where frequently passing muggles prevented me making a good search.

From Vattholma I drove up to Skyttorp and put the still dry log strip in my Upptåget #10 – Skyttorp cache in a plastic bag together with a new log strip then headed for home.

Both on the drive down and the drive home I caught up on my listening of the Podcacher Podcast. I can really recommend it even though it is a US podcast where naturally US caches and cachers are in the majority of the reports. It does bring news from around the world and that makes it interesting.




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