11-11-11 11:11 Uppsala

14 11 2011

Yes, you will have guessed from the title that I attended a geocaching event in Uppsala on Nov 11. As it was a Friday and I was only able to take half a day off work it meant that I wasn’t able to, nor did I wish to, participate from 11:11 to 23:11. A little but often is more to my liking.

The fun thing about this event was that I had another two Gävle geocachers with me and looking for caches in group usually makes things easier and definitely more fun. My caching buddies on this trip were Slas and Madchicken72.

We arrived at the event HQ at 1pm and signed in. I saw a couple of familiar faces before Slas was pounced on by SVT’s roving reporter and asked if he would mind being interviewed. Of course, being Slas and a keen media personality 🙂 , he said yes to the lovely young lady who asked the question. Unfortunately, as this was a news program it is no longer available on SVTPlay. (Probably just as well as it didn’t do us justice 🙂 )When I watched the program on SVTPlay I saw that all three of us were given our two seconds of fame as we stood outside the hall preparing to get off on the hunt. Fast forward 12 minutes in if you don’t want to see the rest of the news.

Even though I had been to Uppsala geocaching on a few earlier occasions I had only found around fifty caches and for the others this was virgin territory. Malmis, one of the organisers, believes that there are around 800 caches in Uppsala and I can believe him. We decided that we would just grab nearby caches and see where we ended up. Walking back to the car we picked up a couple of caches and then headed off in a north easterly direction. After finding a handful of caches we arrived at Mordgåtan-4 and the rest of the afternoon and evening was spent finding the remainder of this exciting series of caches and a few others that were enroute. In general the quality of the caches was very good and a couple of them had us scratching our heads for a while. At a couple of the Mordgåta series of caches we met other geocachers who had been searching for a while before we came. With five pairs of eyes in action the clues came to light. If you only have a day to cache in Uppsala go for this series. Well worth the effort. Thanks to Team_Ese for the creativity they are channelling into geocaching.

In total I found twenty four caches including several in the dark. Prior to this event I have usually given up caching once dusk arrives but now with my new LED torch I found that night caching wasn’t that difficult. In fact it was fun. I only wish that I had owned my new torch when Tobbe and I visited Försvaret last year instead of the heavy conventional lamp that I then had.

I have deliberately not linked the photos below with any caches so I don’t spoil the fun for anyone.

One of several TB's at the event

MC72 was signing the log before we had left the car!

Team_Ese should recognise this one






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