Night caching

12 12 2011

Until the 11-11-11 event in Uppsala I have been a daylight cacher, giving up as dusk falls. On a couple of occasions, most notably when searching through an underground cold war bunker to find the cache Försvaret I have searched using a headlight and torch. At that time I had a pocket size Gerber LED torch that I considered to be part of my geocaching “essentials” and had it wih me on nearly all of my caching trips. It was really useful for illuminating all those nooks and crannies that caches get poked into. However, for night caching or wandering round underground it wasn’t much use.

Actually, thinking about the cache Försvaret reminds me that the reason for my latest “gadget” purchase was the realisation that my existing light sources where not the best and it could be dangerous or even fatal getting stuck underground with no lighting.

My latest torch is a no-name LED torch powered with 2 CR-123 batteries and having a 5W single LED. I guess it’s made in China. Looking at the LED more closely it can be seen that it is in fact a 4 x 4 array of LED’s. The focus of the beam is adjustable from a wide beam that is useful for general lighting and most useful for close work, to a spot light beam that has an estimated range of 40 meters.

The disadvantage with any torch is that it occupies a hand. When geocaching the other one usually holds a GPS so when the ground is slippery balancing isn’t quite as easy as when wearing a headlight. I found that taking photos and holding the torch at the same time left a lot to be desired as well. You can see what I mean from the photos below.

Night caching 1

Night caching 2




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