December DOTY results

29 12 2011

This has been a really strange month. No snow except for a couple of days and temperatures mostly above freezing. The big weather event was the storm “Dagmar” and boy am I glad I wasn’t out in the forests those days. I feel that it’s been a long month as I had the goal of finding caches on eighteen empty dates and didn’t think I would make it when the snow started falling. Caching in the dark is something that I have not done before I got my new torch but with that I don’t find it to be a real problem any longer, providing I can stay relatively close to roads and not go disappearing off into deep forest.

Looking back at my DOTY matrix I can see that I managed to find caches on all dates! Yippee!

December DOTY now complete!

Making a quick count shows me that I found twenty seven caches, nine more than needed to fill the empty calendar dates. I also managed to pass a couple of milestones. The most notable one was reaching 2600 finds in total follwed by getting 500 finds this year. Even though “it’s not about the numbers” I enjoy making my own challenges and trying to meet them.

Lets see that 2012 brings in the way of new geocaching challenges. I think a geocaching “black belt” is a good stretch. 🙂




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