A new start

2 01 2012

Last year was quite memorable from a geoaching point of view as I found a few caches with high D/T ratings that required a little more effort than the drive by caches that proliferate at the low end of the D/T matrix. Again I started off the year with a trip to New Zealand where I picked up fewer caches in the few weeks that I was there compared with 2010 but was able to add the ones with higherr terrain ratings. I enjoyed the short breaks we made in Budapest and Vilnius. In Vilnius we met cachers from Finland and the Netherlands which was great fun. I have also “discovered” night caching as I was forced to do so to fill in the empty calendar dates in November and December.

These are just a few memorable geocaching highlights in 2011 (2010 in brackets)

  • Total finds in the year 524 (464)
  • Milestone 2600 (2000)
  • Found 10 new D/T combinations (3)
  • Highest terrain rating 5 I found four including Pirates Peak (GC2030K) which was a D3.5/T5
  • Highest difficult rating 5 Don’t Do This Cache (GC2E19H) which was a D5/T3
  • Most finds in a day 29 on 2011-04-16 (35 on 2010-05-01)
  • Finds in 8 countries; Hungary, Lithuania, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA and Åland Islands (Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and UK)
  • Caches hidden 0. This was worse than 2010 as I archived 2 caches (0)

So how did the above compare with my targets for the year? Well I’m not sure as I can’t find any concrete goals written down anywhere, although I am sure that I must have had some. I know that I wanted to find more D/T combinations and to fill in all the empty dates in the calendar. I guess that in both cases I have done reasonably well but not reached 100% success. I found ten D/T combinations which leaves me with a further 19 left to find. As seems to be the case with most cachers who try to fill the matrix they are at the higher end of the scale

2011 finds on the left and 2010 on the right

We are soon about to enter the year of the dragon so I wonder how that will effect my geocaching? Here are some of the goals/milesones that I have set myself for 2012

  • Fill in all the dates of the year – eighteen to go including 29th Feb.
  • Reach 3000 finds.
  • Find more than 50 caches in a day
  • Continue work on the D/T matrix. I don’t dare say complete it!
  • Arrange an event.
  • Place a few caches.
  • Find caches in 2 new countries
  • Maintain a good level of posting on my blog

I can see right now that I will be busy this year and some of the targets I have set myself may be quite a challenge. But that’s what I enjoy!




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