More D5 caches to the collection

22 01 2012

There has been a cache in the Christchurch region that I have been meaning to do for some year as it was partly a D5/T1.5 and partly due to the instruction that said it was necessary to bring along 5 litres of water in order to get to the cache to sign the log. Every year, just before I visit NZ I try (half-heartedly I must comfess) to solve the puzzle. For this visit where I am trying to focus on getting D/T combinations I don’t have then I made the extra effort and solved the puzzle. The cache we are talking about is The Enigma (D5/T1.5).
It was with great expectations that I arrived at GZ. I had left the 5 litres of water in the car as I could park nearby. I was expecting a complicated contraption to allow the cache to be retrieved and there was one there. However, with my skinny arms I could reach the cache in its pipe without having to float it to the top. What a shame.

Partial view of The Enigma

It wasn’t long before I drove up to the North Island via the Picton to Wellington ferry. There were some stops along the route that I will write about later but on my way into Hamilton I stopped by a cache where my log was written as below.

“I flew over 17,000 km on gay steward infested airlines for the forty four hour trip to New Zealand from Sweden just to find this cache as there are none like it anywhere else in the world. It is unique! Luckily I wasn’t able to find it nor write my name in the log. The photo is just a dummy of what could have been done. I didn’t even discover a geocoin in the micro box. Took everything & left nothing. No thanks for this cache. ds8300”

Logbook for the cache Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Oh, yes. The cache is called Liar Liar Pants on Fire (D5/T4).

As I was logging caches I was also keeping track of what they were and adding up the points achieved according to the formula DxTx4 with the aim of getting 1000 points. Why? This was to allow me to log a find on the cache One Thousand Points of Light Challenge (D5/T4.5)

Logging 1000 Points of Light Challenge




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