26 02 2012

As parents with small children know all too well, once they start to go to kindergarten they become “poisonous”. They pick up every conceivable illness and spread them to all who get close. On Friday we heard that the youngest grandchild was vomitting and had diarrhea. Yesterday both the parents and we the grandparents were completely down and out. I will spare the gruesome details.

I had planned to have a whole day caching over to the South West of Gävle but when I crawled up this morning I knew it wasn’t going to happen. By noon I knew I had to get out and find a cache right away or it wouldn’t get done. So off I set with the goal of finding a non-drive by cache as I had some hours of daylight to play with which isn’t the case in the evenings, even though the days are quickly getting longer. The cache I chose was God Jul!. Even though it’s less than 200m from the road to the south of the cache I discovered that I couldn’t park there so I had to drive in from north on icy streets full of dog owners and other people slipping and sliding their way around. Once I had left the icy footpath 150m from the cache and walked in amongst the trees the snow disappeared completely and it was an easy walk over moss covered boulders up to the Christmas tree at GZ. I guess it’s time to take the baubles off until this coming December.

Merry Christmas - 2 months late

Once I found the cache I retreated to the car on shaking legs, feeling as though I had just been on 20km hike with full gear, then drove home and collapsed on the sofa untl my energy returned. As I said in the beginning, small children are poisonous. (But we love them anyway).

Seven days left




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