6 DOTY and a leap year souvenir

29 02 2012

Some time ago I solved the in-field puzzle for Information #1. As the cache owner works for the Swedish Ordnance survey (Lantmäteriet) it was only natural that the puzzle was centered around a map. I promised him that I would find the cache and log the find today, February 29, which as all know only appears on the calendar on leap years. Geocaching.com gave me a souvenir for finding a cache today and at the time of writing (21:50 CET) 35,705 cachers had logged finds for today. The target is 73,392 so by the time those cachers in Hawaii have logged their finds it should be easily achieved.

The cache was located in a dry place and was ideal for dropping off TB’s and geocoins. I had taken Cocoa and mittens geocoin home from New Zealand as I thought it was a fitting coin for Swedish winters. It was 10C today and there is no snow on the ground so it is definitely not like a usual winter day in this part of Sweden. Last it year is was -10C and there was a meter of snow on the ground.

Leap Year 2012 geocaching find!

So now I have eleven complete months of finds and will hopefully fill the whole of the DOTY matrix in around a fortnight. The weather forecast for next week promises snow and cold so I am really pleased that so many new caches have been placed in Gävle over the past few weeks.

DOTY - six days left to go




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