3 03 2012

It was a fantastic spring day here in the Gävle area of Sweden. The skies were blue and the sun was shining. I think that the temperature rose to around 8C again. I spent most of the day in the forest close to Kungsberget officiating on a rally stage. Once it was over and I was back in Gävle I headed for a downtown cache that’s been there for ages but I haven’t attempted. Each time I have passed by Islandet the “A-team” has been hanging out there. This afternoon around 4pm it was deserted. I went where the GPS pointed me and found not one but three hiding places that tied in with the “magnetic” hint but none of them revealed a cache. After a few minutes search and a mounting irritation I stopped and thought to myself. Where it the easiest place to hide the cache within 10-15 meters? Yes, there it was as simple as could be.

5 DOTY to go. Gavleån and the warehouses in the background.

I have seen that quite a few cachers have filled their DOTY matrix once they found a cache on 29/2. Congratulations! It’s great to know that I will only be 15 days after!

5 DOTY - soon over




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