4 DOTY and finally ticked off a cache I’ve passed a thousand times!

6 03 2012

I live in Gävle and work in Sandviken which means that every working day for the past nearly five years I have passed within 400 m of the cache “Ruin in the wood. When it first came out I thought that I would stop off on my way home from work one day and grab it and that’s about as far as I developed my hunt for the cache until a summer day a couple of years ago when I actually left the motorway and drove to the closest point I could get to the cache. That’s when I realised that the last eighty meters or so so were why the terrain was listed as a T3.5. There was a wide stream and a flooded area followed by a high fence and a steep hill on the other side. As Plan A didn’t seem to be a goer I decided to resort to plan B which was to ignore the cache on my daily commute. 🙂

I was passing by on my way home from work today, heading for a cache in Gävle so that I could tick off today’s date when I thought. “Nu j**la, skall jag ta den”. As I had already driven past the right turn off I had to continue along the motorway to the next exit and then double back on myself until I could park the car in a suitable place. As my first attempt was from the North I decided to have a go from the South.
I slithered my way down an icy hill and found a rapidly running stream on one side and an area of frozen water on the other side where after the past few days high temperatures the ice look pretty untrustworthy. Just as I got to, what at first seemed to be a dead end, I found that there was a way between the two areas of water and then up a steep bank through unusual vegetation towards the cache. There were a lot of reed type plants but not in water. What I had judged from the offset to be 380m of nearly inpenetrable forest and quagmire turned out to be a manageable walk to GZ. On three sides of the land that the ruin stood on were steep slopes down to water. As most of it was frozen now I could only guess what it would look like in summer. One thought that crossed my mind was that it would be pretty darned hard to get across.

Cache and contents

Signed log book for the cache #Ruin in the wood"

Of course, I didn’t have a good camera with me so my phone camera had to do. The cache was found right where the GPS pointed and was in good shape after the winter. I almost did a little dance before making my way back to the car without getting any undue mishaps. So now I only have another four dates to fill in and plenty of local caches to choose from.

4 DOTY left and going well




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8 03 2012

Congratulations!! 🙂

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