7 03 2012

I woke early this morning so instead of looking for a cache after work I decided that I would take a short detour on my way to work. Rather than go for one of the “urban” caches in Gävle surrounded by all the other muggles on their way to work I decided to look for the nearest cache out of town. My choice was Ladan as it’s only 2km away from home. I can’t really say it’s on my way to work but not too much of a detour. So at ten minutes past seven the log was signed and as it was a healthy -6C I hurried back to the warmth of the geomobile parked just up the road from the barn.

A rather tired barn

I suspect that this is one of the easier Team Paraiba caches but I am looking forward to ticking off the other ones as well. Now there are only three more dates to fill and then there is spring to look forward to!

3 DOTY remaining




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