Completion of the DOTY challenge

15 03 2012

My plan was to complete the DOTY challenge by finding Lantmäteriet. I thought it was fitting, as Lantmäteriet is the Swedish equivalent of the UK Ordnance Survey or the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) in the US. However, some of the best made plans don’t work out as expected. I woke early this morning and checked my mail. A new cache was launched not far from my office. Now that in itself is unusual as there are not so many active geocachers in the Sandviken ara but as I had got an FTF a couple of days ago at Borrsjöån and thought I had an FTF yesterday at Välkommen till Långängarna only to find that I had opened the log book at the wrong end and had been beaten to the FTF by about 90 minutes I was determined not to lose another FTF today so I set off from home at 06:30 and arrived at Ålsjön a couple of minutes before seven o’clock. Was I going to be first today or had another early bird beaten me to it? This time I checked both ends of the log book and made sure it really was empty.

Logging the FTF at Ålsjön 1 just after dawn.

So my 2850th find on the last DOTY was an FTF! It felt like a good way of completing the challenge. I did log a find for Lantmäteriet today as well but not until this evening.

Lantmäteriet by night

It was good to find a well stocked regular cache in town so I hope it stays there for some time.

A well stocked cache

Now that I have finally filled in all 366 DOTY I feel both happiness and a sense of relief. From now on I can hunt for caches when I feel like it and don’t need to be steered by the calendar.

The completed DOTY matrix

My next geocaching adventure will be Vårevent i Gävle. It’s the first time I have arranged an event so it won’t be anything spectacular, just a chance to meet some of the other cachers in and around Gävle that I know only by their nicknames, as well as those who I have met over the years. Hope to see you all there!




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