Vårevent i Gävle

29 03 2012

When I started geocaching nearly nine years ago there were less than a handfull of us in the Gävle are who were active. Now, compared to Uppsala or Hedemora I can still say that the level of activity is not all that great although in the last year a lot of new user names have turned up in the logs and the number of active caches in the 10km radius from home is around 190 and in a 20km radius 270.

Very few events have been held over the years, mostly of the meet and greet types until last years Höstevent i Gävle. As a consequence I said to myself “How difficult can it be to organise an event?”. Looking back over the past few weeks I can say that there is some work involved but most of it is around placing a reasonable number of (hopefully) interesting caches in the area around the event venue rather than the event itself.

If it may be of any help to readers this is the checklist that I used:

  • Grab the coordinates for the event
  • Grab the coordinates for parking, food etc
  • Write HTML description of the event
  • Announce the event on geocaching.com min 2w before the event date
  • Buy/make an event log book
  • Container (2l ice-cream) for travel bugs and geocoins
  • Geocaching logo (A4 laminated)
  • Geocaching information www.geocaching.se
  • Place caches in the area around the event location
  • Printout of cache locations and descriptions
  • Food and equipment at the event

The best thing about the event was the fantastic support given by the reviewers who gave me valuable advice and a cache release that was exactly at the time asked for. An eloge to them!

What I would like to do better next time?

  • Take my laptop with me (3G connection)
  • Download PQ and let cachers upload to their GPS
  • Don’t forget to take the printouts of the caches to the event

The last item on the improvements list could have been a showstopper but (thanks to SR88 for letting me borrow his geobike) I was able to bike home and back in record time with the missing papers.
The event was on the day we put the clocks forward an hour but only one person who shall be nameless (read the event logs) forget to check.

The weather was fantastic -sunny and really warm – unlike the weather that we usually get in March so I was extremely lucky with that. The release of the new caches was an hour after the start time so there was plenty of time to “meet and greet” the others who were there before all disappeared off into the forest on their cache hunt. It was better to have some time together before the hunt rather than afterwards.

Vårevent i Gävle

I placed eight caches in the Hemlingby friluftsområde and aimed for some variation without realising that if the cache event was included it was possible to grab five different types of caches (Event, Traditional, Multi, Mystery and Letterbox/Hybrid). I think that was appreciated by quite a few of those who attended the event.

I am toying with the idea of repeating the event on the same Sunday next year but I am sure it will be impossible to get such good weather.




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