Nine years ago today I found my first geocache

13 04 2012

Nine years ago today (2003-04-13) I found my first geocache which was Gävle-bro by Piggen. It was placed 2003-04-04 and is still there and being found. FTF was “Piggepunk” who in nine years has found a total of 6 caches so I guess that he and his family weren’t impressed by geocaching. He found it the day before me so if I had gone out with my newly purchased Garmin eTrex Legend the day it arrived I might have started off my geocaching hobby with an FTF!

Through the years there have been ups and downs in my interest in geocaching. In the early years there were not so many caches in the area to find which is reflected in my find statistics. As the hobby has become more mainstream, the quantity has increased dramatically to the partial detriment of the quality. Having said that there are some fanstically creative and innovative caches out there. It’s just a case of finding them and this is where I hope the Favourite rating system will help me to find some good caches.

Is it about the numbers? To a certain extent it is. I have found just under 3000 caches in nine years. Some geocachers will never find that many and some have found more than I have in their first year of caching. I will continue to plod on at my own pace and hopefully find caches that have some significance either to me filling in the D/T matrix or in a new country. Let’s see what the tenth year anniversary brings.




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