3000 finds

17 04 2012

If I had planned things a little better I may have been able to have achieved my 3000th find on my nine year caching anniversay. I’m not that well organised. 😦 Anyway, on Sunday afternoon I had some time to spare and decided to replace the wet or full logbooks in some of my caches in the Tierp area. Once that was done I considered turning round and driving home, but realised I was half way to Sala where there are plenty of caches. No sooner thought than done.
I still hadn’t really expected to get to #3000 but as the numbers added up I knew I could do it. My cache find #2000 was Korset (not the most awe inspiring location for a cache) so I decided that having had the solution to MotstÃ¥ndsrörelsen (D5/T2) in hand for years I should aim to get that as cache #3000.

Success! Find #3000




One response

17 04 2012

Well done! Grattis! 🙂

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