Spring event in Uppsala

30 04 2012

What is better than participating in an event on a warm dry spring day outside Uppsala? Not getting DNF’s on the first two caches looked for because the coordinates were way out. 😦

I was looking forward to the trip to Uppsala and had agreed with a couple of friends in Gävle to go down together. As it turned out Slas had to be on call which meant taking his own car. Madchicken72 who was the third of the group from Gävle travelled with Slas on the way down to Uppsala and with me on the way home. Prior to the event we had solved a handful of mysteries and agreed that if the event didn’t meet up to expectation we would look for them and have a go at a Wherigo or two just to break the monotony of micros in meaningless places.

We arrived at the event location in Hammarskog, SW of Uppsala before the start time but Malmis and Sierra Tango and a couple of others were there preparing for the event. GCUppsala as an group of geocaching enthusiasts are well set up and great at organizing events. Apart from the beautiful location and the standard bug exchange they were selling made up PET preforms plus the usual hot dogs, coffee and soft drinks. They had a lottery and of course a FTF hunt with fine prizes.

Shortly prior to the release of the morning’s caches it was possible to get all the details on a GPS file loaded directly on to your own GPS as well as a paper copy of the event caches. As we were mingling in the hour prior to the release of the caches we met up with SR88 from Gävle and agreed that we would work as a team.

Slas, SR88 and Madchicken72 ready to start the hunt

The caches released at the event were a mixture of traditionals, multis and mysteries. The mystery is where things started to go wrong. MC72 and Slas took all of two seconds to solve it. They eat and sleep thinking binary I’m sure. There was only one problem. The information given by the CO was completely wrong. We spent a good quarter of an hour hunting where the coords sent us muttering that there must be a catch to the mystery. There was but we didn’t know what at the time. We gave up and went on to the traditional cache across the road where we met a couple of cachers bashing through the bushes. We were joined by another half dozen people and it was a DNF for us all after a further half hour of searching.

What was the next step you may wonder? We walked back to the event HQ, and had a couple of hotdogs and coffee, conferred and agreed to forget the event caches and go and find the mysteries we had solved at home. The caches we found were Rörande, Into the Wood – Crossroads, The Forest, 8 bitar and Småfåglar. The most fascinating mystery was 52 BC || 2011 AD but despite being certain that the solution was correct we didn’t find the physical cache which was a shame.

In addition to the above mysteries we found a couple of other traditional caches. Here you can see MC72 in action and for those of you who have found this cache you know how much of a reach it is.

MC72 and Slas in action




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