Workers day

1 05 2012

May 1 is a public holiday in Sweden and the town was full of red flags. As we were looking after the middle grandchild we were steered a little by what he wanted to do. Needless to say I was pleased when he asked if we could go out on a treasure hunt i.e. geocaching.

A vital component of caching for him and his cousin is the obligatory “fika”. Anyone who has visited Sweden will meet this phenomena every day. It can be a cup of coffee and a cake or sandwich or a glass of lemonade and a bite to eat.

There are a whole bunch of new caches in Gävle that I haven’t bothered to look for that are perfect for a day when a grandchild wants to go out hunting for treasure. We decided to take our “fika” in Vårvik which is a small bay on the coast a few kilometers to the East of where we live. On the way there we stopped at Bomhusbacken which was a micro. As this usually means that there are no tradeables I palmed a coin and made it “appear” when the cache was opened much to the enjoyment of our four year old.

First find of the day

After this we went on to Bomhus vattentorn where after a bit of a struggle with coords that were way off found a small cache with some traedables. He was pleased to find a small plastic goldfish!

Wow a plastic goldfish!

From there we continued on to Recycling – 9 which was a regular size cache. I have never seen anyone so pleased to be able to pick out a lump of plastic pretending to be two frogs. They were immediately called “puppis & nuppis”!

The frogs "puppis & nuppis"!

After that we went on to Vårvik where we “fikade” and kicked ball for a while before visiting a garden centre at the north of town with a quick stop at Recycling – 8 to grab the cache there.

On the way home we made another quick stop at För hjärtats skull  I found the final coordinates two years ago but as they were said to be 20 meters from where the cache was placed and the area was crawling with muggles I gave it a cursory visit then forgot it. Today as we were passing by I thought that as it was a public holiday and the place was deserted I would have another go. This time I didn’t need the GPS and the cache was quickly in hand.

So what could have been a cacheless day turned out to be a good day for both me and our grandchild. Can’t be bad!




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