Abandoned Peninsula

6 05 2012

After a cold and wet Saturday it was great to get out on a much warmer and drier Sunday for a short spell of caching with Slas and Ironhawk67. Both Slas and I have had Abandoned Peninsular on our to-do lists for the past seven years and for all manner of reasons haven’t got out to look for it. Why, you may ask, it’s located pretty close to Gävle? A quick glance at the arial view shows it’s not a walk in the park

Abandoned Peninsular

The reason is hidden in the depths of my mind. I don’t know why I haven’t got round to it. Anyway, I met up with Slas and Ironhawk67 outside Gävle Galvan and walked along the bike track next to the railway. There were a number of fishing muggles near the bridge where Gävle Galvan is located so we carried straight on to Abandoned Peninsular discussing how best to get past the railway wagons that had been residing in the sidings ahead of us for the past dozen or so years. As we approached the place where the wagons were parked we realised that they were no longer there and it was easy to get across to the other side of the tracks.

At first the going was easy, only slightly bouncy underfoot as we crossed an area of marshy grass. There was a slight vestige to a path that suddenly dumped us in Breer Rabbits briar patch. We had to make a detour around the worst of it, but later on in the year when all the nestles and thistles have grown up to man height I’m not sure I wouldn’t prefer the brambles!

It didn’t take too long to reach the breakwater where Slas and Ironhawk were first on and picked their way gingerly across the boulders, getting the odd pulse heightener as a boulder weighing a ton or so started to rock.

Slas and IH67 at the cache

By the time I had got my antiquated phone camera set up Slas had the cache in hand. We spent a few minutes at GZ reading the log book and formulating a suitable log. Once that was done it was an easy walk back to the railway, as is usually the case when returning from a cache. I left Slas and Ironhawk67 as I had to get home and they going on to a cache at the golf course. As there were no muggles at Gävle Galvan I called Slas to let him know. I read later that they had returned and logged a find there. Congrats! It’s still on my to-do list but it’s not a cache to do solo so I will have to see who I can drag out there with me.

This is why it’s a T4!




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