Trashed and recovered

11 05 2012

Sometimes you just need to have luck. A few days ago I saw in my incoming mail that there was a note posted on my cache Rock Fort – Uppland.

I found your Geocache at Rock Fort – Uppland today 2012-04-28.
I’m sorry to say it’s no longer at that place, as I was walking I use to collect rubbish and bring with me and thought it was something someone had left behind, so I took it with me and placed it at the nearby path as garbish. I took with me the notebook – the other stuff was in no good shape – I saw a rusty small knife among other things. When I read the notebook I understood that this was something special. Just wanted to inform you about this.”

I wrote to the poster of the note and after a couple of mails we were in telephone contact. I explained what geocaching was to the muggle who had kindly contacted me and discovered it was a person interested in nature and walks (a member of Svenska Turistföreningen).

This is when my cache went AWOL

A couple of days later the log book turned up in my mail so a very big thank you to “The Muggle “. As the cache was placed in August 2004 and has survived eight Swedish winters I hope to keep it alive some years more.

On Sunday SR88 called and said that he had seen that I had disabled the cache but when he was passing by the rock fort a couple of days earlier he stopped to look and the cache was where it should have been. Mysterious!

Anyway, my trip out on Sunday was postponed due to the presence of a bear or perhaps a wolverine in the area that had attacked a guy I know on Saturday morning. He only suffered some scratches and bites plus the indignation of having his story questioned by the police and other “I know best” persons who in the end didn’t.

I took a walk out on Tuesday evening and found the cache in exactly the right spot and in good condition. The log book is now back in the cache and the cache enabled.

Cache in good condition and in the right place

So what really happened? Did just the log book get taken and the cache left intact or did everything get taken and the cache replaced in exactly the right place but not by SR88? Who knows? I just hope that the cache lives another eight years.




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