A multi-mystery on Alberget

21 05 2012

As the weather was so good at the weekend we took one of the grandson’s out on a short geocaching trip just to the west of Åshammar. There is a new series of six mystery caches there, all with regular sized containers and with the added bonus of code locks and real keys. So for kids it makes it a real treasure hunt!
Alberget 1 – Bofinken
Alberget 2 – Älgen
Alberget 3 – Björnen
Alberget 4 – Vargen
Alberget 5 – Lodjuret
Alberget 6 – Räven
Of course, when we had got half round we had to stop for a picnic! It was great to reach the final cache – quite a surprise! That each cache had a printed booklet with information on the animal named in the cache title was an added bonus.

The final cache is just out of shot to the right. Don’t want to spoil the surprise!

The most appreciated find was the 1st prize. Leon wanted to take the whole deck but settled on just one.

1st prize to our junior cacher!

I rescued a German geocoin that had the goal of getting to North Cape. I will send it on it’s way via a more frequently visited cache.




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