Hidden nine years ago today

6 06 2012

Nine years ago today my first geocache was published on Geocaching.com! It is called Gavelhyttan and I am pleased to say that it is still in place. It’s placing is out of town in a beautiful spot where Hammarbyån runs into Storsjön, the lake close to Sandviken, but as it is not near to a major road it doesn’t have a high visit frequency. I don’t mind though as it still represents my start to hiding caches, of which there are now around seventy in operation.

If I remember rightly this was the year that the Swedish government had decided to appoint a commission lead by Per Nuder to look at the consequences of making Sweden’s National Day (also called Gustaf Vasas day, Swedish flag day), which is June 6, a public holiday. The original proposal was made in 1989 and the law finally changed on Jan 1 2005. Those who are interested in such history can read more here.

At the time, all I remember is that when I placed the cache it was a great sunny day and I thought that the spot warranted a cache being placed there. I spent a lot of time looking around the mill ruins on the north bank but in the end decided that it would be less likely to be found by “muggles” than on the south bank. When I placed the cache the term “muggle” hadn’t been coined.

I took some photos with my first digial camera, a Fuji DX-5, with a picture resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which is miniscule compared to that of today’s cameras and published my first cache on geocaching.com. In those early days there were no such things as cache attributes so it was quite a basic process to get a cache published.

Contents of my first placed cache

It’s also interesting to note that it is the second oldest remaining cache within 40km of Gävle. The oldest surviving cache is the first one that I found GCF242 Gavle-bro. Of the caches placed in the following year, thirty four remain, all bar one placed by Piggen or myself. Those were the days.




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