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19 06 2012

I set myself a number of geocaching targets for 2012. I knew that some of them would be easy and some more difficult. Looking back to my post A New Start I see I am doing quite well.

However, I didn’t expect to get my black belt so early on in the year. For those of you who don’t know there is an inofficial ranking and award site Badgegen where based on your GSAK managed statistics you can award yourself badges for different categories of achievement or a coloured belt as in Judo. Some like this some don’t. I just used it to generate a personal target, but I must admit I do like the sound of the phrase “Black belt geocacher”. 🙂

So thanks to SR88 and the newly placed D5/T5 cache Kortslutning in Gävle I was able to get the necessary find to meet the black belt criteria. It’s worth noting that the latest version of Badgegen has a new way of ranking that has 36 levels. That’s too complicated in my opinion so I am sticking with the old model.

ds8300 has now reached the status of “black belt geocacher”

My geocaching statistics as generated in GSAK with the great macro FindStatsGen3 are a part of my geocaching profile. However, I choose not to show the Badgegen awards there so this is the first time I have made them available.

My Badgegen badges on 2012-06-18

For me, part of the geocaching experience is the statistics that surround the hobby. As I travel a lot my profile may not be that of the average geocacher but that’s what makes it fun.




2 responses

19 06 2012

Nice work! Glad to be a part of it! 😉

19 06 2012

I look forward to seeing more fun T5 caches from you SR88. 😉

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