Easier signpost caches

23 06 2012

Have you noticed that more and more caches are appearing at the top of signposts or other such posts – just out of reach when you are standing on the ground? What do you do? Jump and hope you can reach? Take a tall caching friend with you (Madchicken72 is a good example of that but only available in the Gävle area unless you pay for his travel expenses and a good bonus 🙂 )

Caches placed high made easy

This is where a two meter length of 5 mm polyester rope from Jula or elsewhere is a great “tool” to have with you.

Prussic Loop

Take your two meter length of rope and using a suitable lighter or matches melt the ends so that they do not fray. Then you need to tie a double fishermans knot to make the loop. For details of how to tie this, Google is your friend.

Double fishermans bend.

Once that is done the Prussic knot is tied around the post that contains the cache and you are ready to climb.

What is a Prussic knot you may ask? It’s a knot that when tied around another rope, or signpost in our case, doesn’t slip when loaded parallel to the host rope or post yet is easily moved up and down the host rope or post.

Prussic Knot – easy to form if you look at the photo

Here you can see the detail of the knot. In reality it is just a triple loop around the main rope/post.

A note of warning! Only use one loop so that your weight is on the knot all the time. If you remove the loading the loop will most probably slip down the pole and could leave you stranded higher than you would like to be.




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