Another Swedish county

30 06 2012

As all who live in Sweden know, it’s a long stretched out country that presents some challenges to a cacher. I always need to have some forms of target that are more interesting than just “find another cache”. One of many is to find caches in all boroughs (kommuner) of Sweden, which naturally means that I will find them in all counties (län) of Sweden as well.

A somewhat softer target is to find at least one cache in each county. To do that still entails travelling many hundred of kilometers so I still have a a way to go. The situation will change tomorrow after a trip to Jämtland.

Addition of Jämtland to the list of found counties

As for the situation with caches found in each of the 290 boroughs of Sweden. I have found caches in only 108 so I have plenty of opportunity to improve the score.




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