Trip to Jämtland

2 07 2012

The weather in Sweden has been mixed to say the least. It always seems to be fine when I am working but wet at the weekends. Alternatively if it is fine at the weekends grand child sitting duties prevent long caching trips. Short ones are welcomed by all but not the long ones. This weekend started with rain but the weather forecast said that a rain free Sunday was expected in the area of Gästrikland and Jämtland that I had planned to visit. However, a last minute check said that there was a risk for rain later in the day. What a surprise!

Anyway, we set off 9am with the usual picnic rucksack filled and the GPS loaded with waypoints for the day. Spare batteries were on hand as was the usual geocaching toolbox. The goal for the day was Sveg in the borough (kommun) of Härjedalen in the county (län) of Jämtland. The reason for choosing Sveg as the goal of the day was so that I could tick off another of Sweden’s 21 counties. I have previously found caches in fifteen of them but that stage was achieved last summer and I needed to change that.

Even in the county of Gästrikland where I live there were still four boroughs where I haven’t found a cache despite over 500 finds in the borough. This was an opportunity to fill in some missing gaps. The route I planned to follow was through Bollnäs, Edsbyn and Los to Sveg then via Ljusdal on the way home. The first cache we stopped to find was in Kilafors and so was the last one.

Memorial stone close to GC313NM Welcome to Kilafors

After a couple of hours drive we arrived in Alfta having found just three caches in the borough of Bollnäs. At the stop in Alfta we could tick off the borough of Ovanåker with Alfta Giants. This kind of sculpture is on my “Like” list.

Down doggie! Close to the cache GC152CW Alfta Giants #1

Surrealistic giants

We continued on to Voxnabruk where we made a split second decision to visit the middle grandchild’s grandmother who lives in Håven, then continue on to Los which was on the planned route. After a short stay we continued on but towards Nopikoski rather than through the forests to Hamra. The reason was that in my haste to load the cache waypoints I hadn’t noticed that I was using OSM map tiles which are not that well updated out in the forests of Sweden and as such just had the main roads showing. If I had switched to the standard Mapsource tiles I would have been better off.

Timber building at GCK6PV The Stallmyrcabin

Even though we were physically in Dalarna once we crossed the bridge over Oreälven the cache is listed as being in Gästrikland.

Oreälven at GCGJ5J The Stream

The next cache just a kilometer from the bridge was listed as being in Orsa so that ticked off another borough on my wanted list as an added bonus.

A leaking tin cache at GC2X1DF Barndomsminne

Nice. We stopped and had an ice cream as the weather was so good. Hope quickly things were to change! By the time we had driven kilometers the rain was bucketing it down and continued to do so for several more hours.

The water control work at GC1FDAH Hälsingland #3 Björnån

Rocks cracked by the forces of nature

The giant wooden bear at GC30N8V The Brown Bear

Old logging related buildings at GC29VDA Lassekrog TB Hotel

It was only when we reached Järvsö on the way home that it cleared up. The high point of the stop in Järvsö was finding the cache “Wolverine Island”. When I started caching in 2003 there were only about 50 caches within a 150km radius of home and this was one of them. However, as it is nearly 150km from home it didn’t get hunted for until today and that was more by chance than be planning. The funny thing is that I didn’t connect “Wolverine Island” with Järvsö for many years. Swedish readers will laugh at my lack of knowledge (providing of course that the know that “wolverine” and “järv” are one and the same thing.)

The later part of the journey home was done as Spain beat Italy in the European football final with an astounding 4-0. I wasn’t focussing on the caches as much as I should so only a further 5 were found on the remaining stretch.

The flax mill at GC1X039 House of Flax # 3 Löräng

View over Ljusan from the cache GC3JWXP Vallsta

Another metal giant at GC1E1D9 Spur of the Moment

This is Holmsveden city! GC314J9 Holmsveden järnvägsstation

The summary for the day was 21 caches found and three DNF’s. We found caches in five new boroughs and one new county. Mission accomplished!




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