Sun gear – a cache from September 2000

12 07 2012

July 2012 is the 147th month in which caches have been placed somewhere in the world. Before my trip to Finland there were five gaps in my “placed by month calendar”. Now on July 10th I have been able to reduce this to four. However, it was at a price. Sixty kilometers and four hours after switching my GPS on in Finland it decided to go on strike. After kicking myself for not having a second GPS or my laptop with me I just had to be philosophical about things and tell my partner who was with me that sightseeing in Helsinki would be fine!

September 2000 now ticked off

Luckily, I decided that as there are so many caches in the Helsinki area and it was difficult to know where to start I would go for Sun Gear directly after landing at Vanda airport. We left home at 5:30, dropped off the car in the long term car park and spent an hour and a half at Arlanda eating our second breakfast before getting on the Blue1 flight to Helsinki. The flight takes 45 minutes at best so half the time it takes to drive to Arlanda from Gävle. We were in the rented car before 10:00 local time and parked at the bottom of the hill where Sun Gear is located about twenty minutes later. It took less than twenty minutes before the cache was in my hand. However, this time it was my partner who was the first to grab the cache, perhaps because it is so special! Actually, I should say the caches, as there were two cache boxes.

Lisbeth was quick to find the cache

Not one but two boxes were found here.

We spent quite some time reading the old documentation that was in one of the boxes but I could only find log books from January 2001 and onwards. Non the less it was great to find a cache that was placed on 30th September 2000 still in place and well looked after.

The oldest log I could find in the log book

As is common today many of the recent logs were no more than a date and a geonick. It think it’s a shame that finders don’t have the time or courtesy to write a few lines to the owner about the experience. After all, sometimes a lot of effort is made by the cache owner and some form of recognition is in place.

Logging the find

I always feel a sense of satisfaction when I find really old caches as they were placed with a completely purpose than compared to those placed today. As a reward for our success we treated ourselves to some of the blueberries that we found all over the place close to the cache.

A carpet of blueberries

The next cache we took was taken at random and turned out to be Gillerbergetwhich we found in Sibbo nature reserve. We parked at the end of the road into the park and walked up the track towards the cache. Apparently, if we had continued we would have ended up in a military bunker so we happy just to find the cache.

Nice sign for the national park

The terrain was reasonably challenging and the path up wound all over the place before we got to the cache. Once there we realised that this time the quickest way back to the road was straight down the hill.

The route from the cache to the road was straight down the hill

From here we started driving towards Helsinki and the next cache we found was Linkki Nikinmäkeen – Link to Nikinmäki. Even though this is a spoiler. I don’t have so many Finnish readers so I will show it anyway. The cache was in… can you guess?

You can guess where the cache is!

The next cache we looked for was Kyläkauppa I have no idea what the description means and we didn’t find a cache even though there was a place that looked as though a cache should be there. What we enjoyed most was visiing the small shop next to the cache. If I could have given that a favourite point I would!

A wonderful little shop that sld “everything”!

The short geocaching day was rounded off with two earthcaches, the sedon one being a small milestone in that it was my 50th eartcache find. The first earthcache was an erratic – Kontulan hiidenkivi

A typical erratic boulder from the last ice age

The final find of the day was Ancylusjärven metsänsiimes, KurkimäkiThis was the remnants of an ice age lake. The legacy from this are the 1000 lakes that Finland is so famous for.

ds8300 at the earthcache with dead GPS

The reason this was our last cache was not due to us wanting it to be that but because the GPS decided to stop working. The problem has occured once before and I think it is due to the memory being overloaded. If there are so many waypoints in memory that it is nearly full what happens is (just my theory) that as the track log grows and is saved to memory it finally gets so large that there is a memory overflow and crash! By connecting the unit to a PC and removing a .gpx file the GPS will start up again with no problems. In this case I didn’t have my PC with me. It won’t happen aagain!

After this cache we spent the rest of the time sightseeing. My partner was quite pleased with that, perhaps more so than I. 🙂

Helsinki cathedral

Aschan art deco cafe

Fish market

Lutherian church in the rock

Fantastic light effects

Passio Musicae tribute to Jean Sibelius

Detail of Passio Musicaes statue




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