Day trip to Nora

14 07 2012

Before we went to Finland it was decided with partner and daughter that we would make a day trip to Nora, just a few kilometers from Örebro. On the way there we would stop for coffee at Elsa Andersson’s coffee shop in Norberg. In other words a non-geocaching day. However, as that trip took us through three Swedish boroughs where I haven’t found a cache earlier it was obvious that we would have to stop and stretch our legs a couple of times. The three boroughs in question were Skinnskatteberg, Lindesberg and Nora. Our first stop was for coffee and it was appreciated by all after the non-stop drive from Gävle.

Coffee break at Elsa Anderssons Cafe in Norberg

From Norberg we drove on through Fagersta and into the hills between there and Riddarshyttan. Our first cache stop was at 243 möh which was a quick drive by cache at the highest road point in the borough of Skinnskatteberg and therefore, another borough ticked off. Our next stop was Lindesberg and that was for lunch. I told you it was a non-geocaching day! After lunch we walked up to Stenkoll: Brunnskaret which then became grand daughter Alice’s first cache find and my first find in the borough of Lindesberg.

The fountain was more interesting than the cache

Just outside Linedsberg we stopped for Stöttestenen. As we were logging the find the heavens opened and it poured. The rain didn’t cease until we reached Nora and there as I was filling up the car with petrol a real downpour occurred and then miraculously as we parked the car in the town square the rain stopped and the sun came out.

We all found the caches Göthlinska gården and Nora Bergslags Veteran-Jernväg before splitting up. Tobbe, Alice and I found another two caches One minute with ScotSwe Skolparken before leaving for home. It was agreed that Tobbe and I would stop off at Örebro: Tunnel Vision but when we got there Mariana insisted in coming with us.

The tunnel itself was rather short, a mere 50 meters and it was difficult to know who built it and why. It looked like a silo for sand but why go to so much trouble to fill sand into trucks and why was there an equivalent tunnel in from the other side of the hill? Perhaps there is more behind those locked doors that makes it a bit more scary. We spent about 15 minutes looking for the cache wihout success before returning to the car to fetch a geocaching tool. My telescopic ladder came to the rescue and the cache box was quickly in my hand. I’m a bit surprised that the T rating was only a four but I guess that some very agile cachers could retrieve the cache without a ladder. It would be fun watching them! So with this cache found the borough of Nora was well and truly ticked off as being cached in.

Silo doors

Where do those cables go?

Grabbing the cache

From here our journey continued on to just outside Riddarshyttan where it was time to “fika” with our picnic basket. It was also where I had a quick look at two caches designed for retrieving by abseiling down rock faces. The two I looked at were Fira #6 Rookie and Fira #7 Rookie. In fact I didn’t just look at them I retrieved the caches and logged finds on both of them. I didn’t have my rope and harness with me but luckily the geo-tool used in the tunnel cache was adequate.

An alternative to abseiling on Fira #6 Rookie

Again the alternative method for retrieving Fira #7 Rookie

I will be back to go for the other caches as abseiling is fun and I need further T5 combinations if I am to fill in the D/T matrix. With these two finds I could tick off the D1/T5 box. Great!

Two D1/T5 caches found on the same day. Not bad!




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