Bray to Cork

24 07 2012

After finding Europe’s First just south of Bray, Ireland we continued on south with the destination for the night being Cork. Before leaving Sweden I had been given a couple of suggestions for places to visit in the southern part of the country and as they were more or less “enroute” we visited them.

We drove eighty kilometers from Bray before making our first stop which was near to the small village of Camolin. There are probably thousands of statues of the mother Mary with Jesus all over Ireland. This had the Camolin Cache placed nearby.

A typical roadside statue

We stopped in the town of Enniscorthy for lunch, then left the main road to Cork to make a detour to Lismore and Cappoquin where we hoped to find the Dromana Gate. We stopped at a cache at the only statue in Ireland honouring a greyhound – Master McGrath. There was a rumbling sound as I logged the cache and I turned round to find we had an audience!

Bullocks curious to know what we were doing

I assumed that the Dromana gate was in Cappoquin as that was the information I got, but despite finding this unusual bridge we didn’t find the gate. Friendly locals pointed us in the right direction as the gate was actually in the middle of nowhere. The Blackwater River does some funny things in Cappoquin. Despite being about 25km from the coast it is still a tidal river this far upstream, as is witnessed by the high water mark on the bridge foundations.

The now disused “Red” bridge at Cappoquin. The river is tidal here, 25 or so kilometers from the coast.

Dromana Gate. A Hindu-Gothic gate lodge from around 1830 at the bridge over the River Finisk. It was here that Katherine, wife of the 16th Earl of Desmond, is reputed to have lived to the great age of 160 years and to have died as a result of a fall from a cherry tree. Yeah! Sure.

At Dromana Gate. There’s a cache somewhere in the picture I believe. But where?

It was only when I got home that I discovered that there was a cache at the gate. Apart from the high roaming costs for using an iPhone abroad this was one time where it would have been useful to discover the existence at a cache in a place where I had no waypoint loaded on my dedicated GPS.

The next stop was in the small coastal town of Youghal where the regular cache Youghal Clock Gate Tower was found within sight of the drive through clock tower. The town was well frequented by tourists despite the chilly weather.

Youghal drive-through clock tower

From here we drove on to Cork for a well earned dinner after the 350km drive from Dublin and the find of Europe’s First which, of course, was the real highlight of the day. All the interesting sightseeing stuff was just a bonus, although my partner had the opposite opinion.




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