International Geocaching Day, 2012

20 08 2012

It’s always great to get a freebie. In this case it was a souvenir on my geocaching profile to say that I had found a cache or attended a geocaching event on August 18, 2012 because that was the day that Groundspeak had proclaimed would be the Second International Geocaching day. The first one was on August 20, 2011 so I can only expect that this will continue next August.

We had decided long ago that we would visit Tallbo, the home of the local, long deceased, artist Eric “Ecke” Hedberg (1868-1959) and as that is in Kungsfors a few kilometers south of Jädraås we decided to kill a few birds with one stone. It had been reported that someone had put a Werthers toffee in my cache In search of Steel – I(Jädraås – Tallås) and all the contents of the cache were sticky. They certainly were and it took quite some effort to get the box cleaned out. I had to throw away all the tradeables and put the log book into a new plastic bag. This was a prime example of why foodstuffs are not to be placed in caches. “Fy fan för kola”.

View from the cache In search of Steel I

It was an open day for the museum railway Jädraås – Tallås Järnväg but I didn’t take the free ride on the train to Tallås and back as we cleaning out my cache as the last train of the day left the station. At least I could wonder around the station area.

JTJ locomotive No12

Detail on JTJ locomotive No12

JTJ locomotive Sigbjörn

Then we visited Midsommar: Let the Hammer Fall and were really pleased to find this place. It is hidden away just outside Jädraås so most visitors to Jädraås probably miss it which is maybe why it’s still there in what looks to be as it was left decades ago. There is some form of ongoing restoration and some of the equipment is starting to look good.

Steam driven forging hammer

Bar rolling mill

Lancashire hearth furnace

Toad found at the base of the furnace – well camoflagued in the rusty environment.

This cache was the only find of the day but it gave me the souvenir and plenty to look at.




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