Keeping track of solved mystery caches

22 08 2012

As I am sure many other cachers do, I solve mystery caches, but not that frequently. That is perhaps the reason for the problem that I had. I never seemed to be able to keep track of which mysteries I had solved so every time I was out hunting for caches I would find a “?” on my GPS where I knew I had solved the Mystery but the coordinates and information on the GPS were the oringinal data. I use GSAK extensively but it is installed on three laptops that I use so keeping the information synchronised is difficult. The answer lies in the website itself.

This is my way of keeping track of solved mysteries.
1: Write notes in the Personal Cache Note field. This can include the coordinates for the final location or a description of how the puzzle was solved.
2: Click on the pencil icon next to the published coordinates and enter the coordinates you have determined in the Corrected Coordinates (hidden from others) field.

Fill in the personal notes and corrected coordinates fields

3: Create a non-shared Bookmark list.

Create a Bookmark List

4: Bookmark the puzzle that you have solved.

Bookmark the page and use it later

This can then be used either as an online list or to generate a pocket query of your solved but not found mysteries.

If you have another way of doing this post a comment. It would be interesting to hear.




2 responses

22 08 2012

I prefer to use an indexed, hard-cover notebook so I have a permanent record of all my puzzle/multi final co-ordinates. It lives in my kitbag and offers plenty of space to jot down any other details I want or need to recall about each cache.

27 09 2012

I can relate to this, there are many co-rds in my GPS, just waiting to be found,
just hope I get around to finding them before they get archived, lol

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