North Gävle kommun caching

2 09 2012

Armed with a thermos of coffee and a couple of sandwiches I set off north along the E4 with the goal of hunting for the dozen or caches in the northernmost part of the borough of Gävle – (Gävle kommun) that I hadn’t found. Some of them have been there for a few years but as the cache density is low a fair amount of driving is needed per cache so it’s been on hold.

My first stop of the day was in Bergby where I found a couple of caches placed by a new cacher. I suspect that the coords were determined on an Iphone as they were some distance from where the caches were. IPhones are notoriously bad for their GPS accuracy as Apple insist in having a 10m limit on them. Luckily the clues were good.

From there I walked past the locked barrier two kilometers to the cacheGC1D327 The honourable Mr Hådell. This was placed over four years ago in a little known nature reserve.

Rest cottage in Hådells gammelskog

The trees in Hådells gammelskog are between 200 and 250 years old and quite impressive as is the blocky terrain. It was fun getting to the cache in such terrain – not quite bush bashing as there were no bushes. As the walk back was boring I started jogging to save time much to the surprise of a motorist who had managed to get past the barrier and turned up around a bend.

The cache is about 50 meters from here and there is no path.

I had decided to continue on to Viksjö sunset and then Ödmarken: Skalsjön before returning down the E4 to Bergby where a detour out to Gåsholma could be made if I had time. I had filtered my route based on just the caches in the Borough of Gävle so I was surprised to find Ödmarken: Lappåsen and Ödmarken: Romsen on my GPS. These are both in the borough of Ockelbo.

I was glad I stopped to find them as I enjoyed the walk up to the top of Lappåsen. I subsequently learnt that had I walked a further 200m I would have had some fantastic views. Maybe next time. This is a fascinating stretch of forest with very little signs of habitation for many kilometers.

Crooked tree on Lappåsen.

The side trip to Gåsholma would have been more pleasant on a sunny summer day but it added a couple more caches to my finds list. I had to pass by one cache due to muggles and the final one in the area is located on an island and I was not equipped to find such a cache. In all I found eleven caches in an area not that far from home but one that I probably won’t visit again for a few years.

My Sunday morning caching trip north of Gävle.




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