Broddbo revisited

20 09 2012

I have owned an old Porsche for the past twenty something years and take it from Gävle to Strömsholm for service. I drive it there, drop it off and then take the train back home. When it’s time to collect it I do the reverse. There are two major routes between Gävle and Strömsholm and Broddbo lies conveniently between them. 🙂

On Sunday I collected my car and made a slight detour past Sala to a part of the Broddbo Trail that I have not visited before. I have visited the trail on two occasions and am happy spending two or three hours there finding caches. After that I get bored.

A Porsche (in my case a 928S) is not the best of cars to drive on gravel forest roads with the standard low profile road tyres. It’s like driving on ball bearings. The caches Broddbo Trailen 70 to Broddbo Trailen 46 were located partly on a tarmac road and partly on a good gravel road so there I had no problems. As the “road” betwen #45 and #40 is little more than a lightly upgraded cow track I had to drive very slowly so that I didn’t scrape the spoiler off the front of the car as the ground clearance is not that great. Once I got back on to a reasonable road I headed back towards Sala on the “B” series trail where I had the only DNF of the day. Boredom was setting in.

Caches I found on this trip to the Broddbo Trail

So now I have found somewhere around 150 caches in the many series in the area. I noticed that ownership of many of them has been transferred from Sabolina to the team 0224. I’m not sure who the members are but it’s great to see that there are enthusiasts prepared to keep this power trail “mecca” in good shape.

There are still a whole bunch af caches in the area for me to find so I am sure I will be back – on probably more than one occasion so that I don’t get bored.

There are still plenty of caches for me to find!




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