A day out in Riga

16 10 2012

When I look at the map of Europe that shows in which countries I have found geocaches I see about as many still white meaning no caches found as I do shaded to show I have found caches there. With the exception of a few countries in the south east of Europe I have visited most countries several times but most of them before I started geocaching.

I thought it would be fun to add another country to the list of those where I have finds. In principle, all of Europe is easily accessible for those with a large wallet and plenty of time. There are a couple of countries close to Sweden that are easy to visit for a relatively low cost so that’s what I decided to start with.

One less white space on the map

I last visited Riga in May 2005, so there were theoretically caches there then. However, I timed (badly it would seem) the visit to coincide with that of a certain George Bush and as a consequence the few caches that were there at the time were all in cordoned off areas. The situation has changed today.

When we visited Helsinki this summer I had some problems with my GPS that could have been resolved easily if I had taken my netbook with me. I promised that it would never happen again. But…. it did. This time I had the same GPS with the OSM map covering Riga and had loaded the caches the day we left. For some unknown reason they didn’t show up on the screen. I didn’t take my netbook with me so ended up looking for caches with the help of the printout of the google satellite map from the geocaching.com website. Not quite an “exact science” but it worked.

A cruise from Stockholm to Riga is cheap. The total package of trip, including an A-class cabin, meals and connecting bus to and from Gävle cost us less than the return air fare. The downside is that you only get just over five hours in the city of Riga. It was enough to find half a dozen caches without a GPS or cache descriptions and eat a good lunch.

These were the caches we found:
Brivibas piemineklis

Brivibas piemineklis earthcache

ds8300 at Brivibas piemineklis earthcache

Latvian National Opera [BYOP]
Zviedru varti/ Jekaba kazarmas [BYOP]

Zviedru varti/ Jekaba kazarmas – logging the find

Three brothers [BYOP]

Three brothers – logging the find

Riga Castle/ Rigas pils [BYOP]

Here are some random photographs that I took.

Blackheads House

Blackheads House details

Powder Tower – theres a letterbox cache here somewhere.

Could this be Signal?

One example of the Art Neuveaux decorations seen on many buildings

See the cat on the roof?

And finally a couple of pictures – one from May 2005 and one from October 2012.

Old lady dancing on Teatra iela 2005-05-07

Same old lady dancing on Teatra iela 20121013!




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