16 10 2012

I had just downloaded Cass Flower’s well written beginners guide to GSAK and was leafing through to see if there was anything new I could pick up. I have used GSAK for quite a few years and consider myself to have a pretty good grip on it’s functionality and use several of the macros that “clever and good looking geocachers” have added to increase it’s functionality.

On the penultimate page I found a reference to Munzees. I have looked at them before but not having had a smartphone worth the name and with the nearest Munzee nearly 200 km away I haven’t bothered with them.

A typical Munzee

Anyway, I downloaded and ran the MyMunzeeCSV macro and up popped two, yes that’s right two Munzees in an 80 km radius of home.

One of them was in Valbo on my way to work and had been found only once – by DT a local lad who has moved down to Stockholm. Of course I had to log my first Munzee on my way to work this morning.

There are many caches in Gävle now, many of them in less interesting places. Perhaps I should start placing Munzees at the intersting spots and see if it can increase their popularity here. Most of the local cachers use smartphones anyway so why not?

Anyone interested?




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