Match Stash and Huddinge kommun

22 10 2012

Some time a couple of years ago vague thoughts started to form about how much fun it would be to try to complete the Jasmer challenge which consists of finding a cache placed in every month since May 2000 when geocaching started.

I think that at that time I had found one cache placed in November 2000 and then from March 2001 onwards. I decided when it was time to visit New Zealand in 2011 that I would look for some of the old caches there. On my January 2011 trip to Wellington I was able to tick off May 2000 and February 2001. The cache Geocache by Kevin Anderson (May 2000) was a real gem. It is the fifth oldest active cache in the world, the four older ones being in the US. The original log book was in the cache and despite it being easily accessible less than two hundred people had found it during it’s lifetime. Geocache by Kevin Andersson. During the rest of 2011 I didn’t find any caches that helped in my Jasmer quest as it was more or less forgotten. However, then I returned to New Zealand in January 2012 and found Auckland Stash (June 2000) and Sutton Salt Lake (December 2000) I realised that there was actually a chance that I could really find a cache for every month.

Perhaps the real turning point was when we visited Finland this summer and found GC72 Sun Gear (September 2000). Sun Gear I did some checking and found that if I visited Belgium, Germany and England I could fill three of the remaining four white spots on my Jasmer calendar. For some unknown reason I missed GC4D Match Stash (August 2000) and was resigned to the thought that if I wanted to complete the challenge I would have to make a trip over to USA.

However, the other day I came across geocaching bookmark lists created by the American cacher “ewenger” for active caches from 2000 and 2001. In that I rediscovered Match Stash only 158 km away from home as the crow flies. It didn’t take me long to decide that a quick trip to Stockholm was on the cards. I couldn’t risk this one slipping out of my grasp. In the logs I read that access was impeded by building in the vicinity and that sounded like a good reason to do this one as quickly as possible. Another reason is that winter is approaching rapidly and with snow on the ground access to forest caches becomes less easy.

I was able to park my geomobile at the entrance to the boat park and squelch my way up the hill from there. I crossed a couple of paths but as the terrain was easily covered I took a pretty direct route up to the cache. At GZ I could see lots of new buildings and fenced off areas not that far from the cache. Luckily the land where the cache is located is outside the area that is being exploited. Finding the cache was easy and after signing the log book I glanced through it and saw lots of geonicks that I recognised.

Approaching Match Stash

Match Stash (Spoiler)

Signing the log of Sweden’s oldest active cache.

August 2000 now complete

I rewarded myself with coffee and a sandwich when I got back to my car. The next task for the day was to grab a cache or two in the nearby borough (kommun) of Huddinge. Why you may wonder? There is a challenge cache close to home Challenge #060 – 100 kommuner that I saw in 2009 and thought to myself. “How difficult can that be? I must have found caches in nearly 100 boroughs!” I hadn’t so that was the reason I made two trips to Stockholm in November 2009 and a road trip to Skåne in 2010. I thought that I had found caches in all of Stockholm’s boroughs but I now realise that I missed Huddinge.

As Match Stash was only a couple of kilometers from Huddinge I drove over to Kungens Kurva and grabbed a couple of easy caches before returning home. Despite it being a cold damp Sunday the capitol was teaming with financially sound consumers supporting the Swedish economy.

I have now found caches in all boroughs of Stockholm’s county.

Oh, and by the way, I found the challenge cache in July 2010 so I now have something new to aim for. I want to find caches in all counties (län) in Sweden, which is quite an easy target as I only have four left. I could do it in three weekends but my wallet and partner would complain. I would also like to find a cache in each of Sweden’s two hundred and four boroughs (kommuner) but it doesn’t have a high priority for me. Yet.




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