Adventures in Gävle

31 10 2012

It was -8C at 08:00 on Sunday morning when Slas, Madchicken72 and Ironhawk67 rolled into my driveway. We were on a mission. Have some geocaching fun and tick off a couple of multis and mysteries with fairly high D/T ratings where team work would be an advantage.

Quite a few new caches have turned up in Gävle and most seem to involve both brain power as well as a physical presence. I have mentioned before that many of the Gävle caches either need climbing agility or technical help to get up to that extra height.

We were prepared for various scenarios today and our equipment list included powerful lights, ladders, magnets and waders. We were going on an Adventure in Gävle. On our way to the start of the adventure we passed by Lets go fishing which none of us had found. At GZ we spent a couple of minutes working on the wrong hypothesis for where the cache was before we observed where we should be searching. Once we saw that cache a quick trip to the car gave us the right tool and we could quickly sign the log book.

Once we had grabbed the necessary information to continue with our adventure we shot off to the first and what appeared to be the easiest WP to see what was expected of us.

Slas was quickly in action and picked up the first clue.

Slas freezing his …er, hands

For some reason his gait was little ungainly for a while afterwards but we attributed it to the low temperature that certain parts of his anatomy had reached – remember it was minus 8C!

From there we visited another couple of waypoints and used the appropriate mindset and equipment to retrieve the necessary information. One of the waypoints was really cosy but the other despite the narrow confines was the direct opposite.

After a short drive and a walk that was about as long, we were able to gather even more information for the quest. It was here that we broke off the Adventure hunt as a few other caches needed to be solved on the way.

Madchicken72 hunting a WP for Adventure in Gävle

As you can see here my three collegial connoisseurs are inspecting one of the many exquisite pieces in Gävle’s collection of fine art.

Connoisseurs of fine art. 🙂

Close to Hagaström we had great fun clambering around in a minute nature reserve – Stenbäcken.

Stenbäcken nature reserve

It was one of those caches where it would have been easy to give up if you were on your own but as a team there was a motivation to not fail! There was also a small safety aspect about it as well. Falling into the near zero centigrade water without having nearby help wouldn’t have been so good. As you saw in my last posting there is a reason for “Why did the chicken cross the road” or a variant on that theme. We really enjoyed the cache hunt despite it stealing an hour of our day.

Lunch was then the main point on the agenda. We enjoyed a tasty pizza in the bullet riddled local pizzeria in Sätra before stretching our legs by visiting the local “Illuminati” cache otherwise known as Röjningen

Dan Brown would be impressed

We continued our journey around Sätra finding a couple of traditional caches on the way before reaching the next waypoint in the Adventure. The intrepid team were not daunted by the hostile environment that we reached and after a short time we were in possession of the final piece of information that we needed to take us to the final of the Adventure. However, we were cool and let Slas log a couple of the Recycling caches on our way to GZ. I did notice that Ironhawk67 was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel, anxious to get to the nitty gritty of the day’s challenge.

How did we do? Well here we have IH67 signing the log for Adventure in Gävle.

Ironhawk67 signing the log for Adventure in Gävle

All of us were able to log somewhere in the region of ten caches each, even though they were not the same caches. We had a great day out and can highly recommend Adventure in Gävle and Stenbäcken for geocaching teams. Of course they are doable solo but they are much more fun and safer if they are done in company.

For obvious reasons I have deliberately cropped the photos so that you can’t see where they are taken. 😉 I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who are hunting for the cache.




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