One two, one two, one two

13 12 2012

12-12-12 SouvenirOn my way to work this morning I listened to a podcast where “one two, one two, one two” was used to test the functionality of a microphone. It prompted me to write this short post on what I did on 12-12-12 or if you prefer “one two, one two, one two”.

Team Paraiba had organised an appropriate event in Gävle (12-12-12 12:12 Gävle) with the meeting place being at Gävle railway station. As I work in Sandviken some 25km away I only had the possibility to attend the event for a short time before having to dash back to Sandviken for a one o’clock meeting. A few others had to rush off as well but for those with more time lunch was eaten together in a nearby “VIP-room”. What a shame I missed out on that.

Here are some of the thirty geocachers that turned up for the event on a bisterly cold winters day.

Gävle area cachers at the 12-12-12 event.

Gävle area cachers at the 12-12-12 event.

I talked to a couple of the local mystery gurus and learnt that four mysteries were to be published with the event. When I got home in the evening I started off with Forest Quest and really enjoyed the solving the puzzle. Really well made. At eight in the evening no-one had logged a find so I decided that I just had to go and look for the cache. It was only -12C and the snow was only thigh deep in most places. 🙂 Before setting off I looked at ground zero in Google Earth and though how difficult can it be?

When I got to GZ I realised that I was going to have to wade through deep snow. So off I went, over the pile of packed snow that the snow plough had left and “poof”. Flat on my face in a meter of loose snow. I must have looked like the yeti when I finally got back onto my feet. Got to GZ and there was the cache container. Without giving anything away you will realise as this was a Madchicken72 cache, which value on the “Z-axis” I had to reach to retrieve it. The two meter loop of rope that I had in my car provided the solution to the access problem.

When I got home I was quickly able to solve Kärnverksamhet? as it was in my area of expertise. A quick look at Google Earth and an earlier drive out in that direction told me that I was better off looking for the cache in daylight and on skis. Now where did I put them….?




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