Another year comes to an end

30 12 2012

When I set my targets for 2012 I didn’t expect to meet all of them but am pleased to see how well I have done. I didn’t anticipate filling the D/T matrix so it wasn’t a surprise when I didn’t. I was glad that I found12 new D/T combinations though. Again I started off the year with a trip to New Zealand where I picked up both more caches than the year before and at higher difficulty and terrain ratings. I enjoyed the short breaks we made in Ireland and Riga this year but would have liked to have travelled more.

These are just a few memorable geocaching highlights in 2012 (2011 in brackets)

  • Total finds in the year 782 (524) This is my highest yearly rate ever!
  • Milestone 3300 (2600)
  • Found 12 new D/T combinations (10)
  • Highest terrain rating 5 I found five including two D5/T5 caches
  • Highest difficult rating 5 I found eight at this level including seven of the eight possible D5/T combinations
  • Most finds in a day 83 on 2012-03-24 (29 on 2011-04-16)
  • Most counties in a day 20 on 2012-08-11
  • Finds in 5 countries – Finland, Ireland, Latvia, New Zealand, Sweden. (8 in 2011 – Hungary, Lithuania, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA and Åland Islands)
  • Caches hidden 13. This was much better than the year before and included five different types (0)
  • Found two more months in the Jasmer challenge leaving just three to find.
Jasmer challenge

Jasmer challenge

So how did I do in terms of the targets I set myself for 2012? Not too bad I guess!

  • Fill in all the dates of the year – eighteen needed including 29th Feb. Done Completed this in March.
  • Reach 3000 finds. Done I reached 3388.
  • Find more than 50 caches in a day. Done I found 83 one day in Spring.
  • Continue work on the D/T matrix. Done I added 12 combinations and only have six left to find.
  • 2011 finds to the left and 2012 find to the right

    2011 finds to the left and 2012 find to the right

  • Arrange an event.Done I arranged two including a WWFMIX event.
  • Place a few caches. Done I placed 13.
  • Find caches in 2 new countries. Done. Added Ireland and Latvia to the list.
  • Maintain a good level of posting on my blog. Done I have posted 57 times.

Now I have to set my targets for 2013. That will come in my next post in a few days time.




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