Down under 2013

6 01 2013

This time two years ago I spent a cold eight hours in Beijing airport on my way to New Zealand. Wise from that experience I took an extra pullover with me on this trip. The wait is still eight hours but at least I won’t freeze this time. It was -11C this morning when the plane touched down. Inside the terminal it is above freezing but all the well wrapped up people waiting for their flights wtiness that it is not overly warm indoors either.

As you can guess I am on my way down to New Zealand again to find some more caches. The day after I arrive in Christchurch I will participate in an event – Goodbye New Zealand – Hello geocachers held by Ingabo! He and his family have spent three weeks in New Zealand and the event is on their last evening in the country. Great initiative!

I have prepared for this years trip by solving as many mystery caches as I was able. Many of the ones based on ciphers are too difficult for me but I do know how to use Google. In addition to the mysteries I have decided to focus on finding a number of multicaches in order to go up a level on my Badgegen stats for them.

However, the main target for the trip is to log the ten oldest caches on the South Island. I have already logged four but of the six remaining caches a couple of them will demand some effort.

Next stop is Sydney, where I hope it’s a bit warmer than here in Beijing.




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