Gråberget Extreme

13 03 2013

Finally a cache has appeared close to home that is suitable for testing the climbing gear I bought last year. I bought it just days before I fell down the steps to my garage loft and wrenched my knee so badly that all thoughts of climbing or abseilling had to be shelved until now.

Slas and a couple of other cachers in the region have seen the escapades of Jetoma and jaol84 (they are in their twenties and have far too much energy) centered around T5 caches and wanted to get in on the action. You will never get me doing Deathwish for example but I am willing to do some of the safer T5’s.

Saturday morning was agreed upon as being a good time to go for Gråberget Extreme, a D2.5/T5 cache just out of town on the cliffs overlooking Bönan. It was -14C when I left home and picked up my muggle son-in-law Tobbe and geocacher Slas. The sun was shining and the sky was a perfect cloudless blue so the temperature started climbing towards zero before we got to Gråberget.

The snow was knee deep but had a frozen crust that bore our weight, most of the time. Once at the edge of the cliffs we spent some time deciding where to anchor ropes. It turned out to be a tree and a rocky outcrock that were chosen. Once all the rigging was set up it didn’t take long for Slas to find the first waypoint, aided by the sharp eyes of Tobbe who was spotting from below.

slas starting the descent

slas starting the descent

When that was done we drove off towards the second waypoint which was a tree. Normally, I would have taken my ladder with me but Slas was adamant that we had to use the new climbing gear 🙂 so I gave in and we played around with the use of an ascender to get up to the waypoint. All three of us tried it and I now know what is next on my wish list for climbing gear!

The second and final descent was also straightforward. There were plenty of trees that we could use as anchors and the height of the abseil wasn’t so great. I went over the edge first and signed the log in-situ before continuing down to ground level. Before I had returned to the top of the cliff Slas was set up and ready for his turn to go over the edge.

ds8300 on the way down to the cache

ds8300 on the way down to the cache

All in all, we had a great morning testing our gear and enjoying the challenge of the cache. I am pretty sure that other cachers will find alternative ways of finding the cache but doing it the way we did was fun! I’m just waiting for the snow to go away before a trip over to the south-west is made. There are plenty of suitable climbing/abseilling caches there for us to continue on.




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