Earth Hour Gävle

29 03 2013

Earth Hour events have been held in Gävle on and off since 2008 or 2009. This year the host was Jetoma and the location was Äppelbo wind shelter on the 5km track in the Hemlingby leisure area. As I live close by I am a frequent visitor and have placed a few caches in the area. In fact my Letterbox/hybrid cache Hemlingby Trail #2 – Äpplebo is just a stones throw away from where the event was held.

Looking at the number of persons who had said they would attend the event it wasn’t going to be crowded. Judge my surprise when I arrived at the closest parking spot to find it was full! There were at least double the number of persons there that had said they would come and there was even a group from Västerås including Jimmy P who I met out on the Broddo Trail about a year ago when there was hardly any snow and the temperatures were around 15C!

Earth hour cachers warming themselve by the fire

Earth hour cachers warming themselve by the fire

This year was different in that there was plenty of snow and it was about -7C. Walking towards the event location I was met by a number of lights along the path and a fire at the wind shelter that was warming a big group of cachers. Some I recognised and soon new faces were being added to known nicks and even new names and faces were met.

SR88 blinded by the flash on the camera. :-)

SR88 blinded by the flash on the camera. 🙂

I was able to drop off three geocoins I have being carrying around since I picked them up in New Zealand in January. Now they are free to go on their travels in the hands of other geocachers who perhaps travel more than I do.

As I am trying to complete my D/T matrix this year it was great to be able to to chat with SR88, Jetoma and Jaol84 about some of the T5 caches that I need to find. They are half my age (what a give away) and really enjoy the more physically challenging caches. Some really good tips were given so I can see Slas, Madchicken 67 and Ironhawk72 spending a day in the Easter break on an adventure similar to the one we had a few weeks ago. (Bomber och Granater #1 & #2)




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