Ten years after – addendum.

13 04 2013

Zero degrees and horizontal sleet is what faced us on Saturday morning as we drove down to Uppsala. The main mission of the day, for my partner at least, was to find a pair of shoes for her daughter’s wedding. My mission for the day was twofold; maintain a few of my Upptåg series caches and find two specific caches, more of which later.

A couple of my Upptåg caches had got cache creep. The whole series of caches uses film canisters attached magnetically to gantries at the stations. The ones in Skyttorp and Örbyhus had wandered upwards about 5 meters! Either there are some very tall cachers or those who think that T1 or T1.5 means climbing up a pole. Of course, it didn’t have to be a cacher that had moved the caches. It could have been the local muggles with little better to do. Anyway, they have now been brought down where I intended them to be and the ones with the wet or full logbooks have been attended to.

The other, and perhaps more fun mission was for me to find Challenge – 3 olika cacher av 15 Utläggare, not specifically because I could but because the cache was placed on January 17 (2013) and that was the final date I needed for me to get a full “Placed by date” chart. It’s something that has eluded me for a couple of years! Before I went to New Zealand on holiday this year I had two empty dates and had found two appropriate caches that would allow me to complete the grid. However, I got a DNF on the cache from January 17 and it’s been irritating me since then.

A couple of weeks ago on my trip to Uppsala with Madchicken72, Slas and Ironhawk67 I didn’t have time to work out if I could find this specific challenge cache, even though I logged a few others, but when I started to see if I could meet the requirements I noted the date it was published . Woohoo! Just what I needed.

So thanks to the cachers listed on the screen shots below for placing such a diversity of caches that I could find this Challenge cache and kill two birds with one stone.

Part one of the list for 3 different caches by 15 placers

Part one of the list for 3 different caches by 15 placers

Part two of the list for 3 different caches by 15 placers

Part two of the list for 3 different caches by 15 placers

Of course, the cache I went for afterwards was Challenge #128 – Full Finds by Placed Date Chart The most gratifying part about finding these two caches was that it nicely rounded off my 10 year anniversary of geocaching. It only took me ten years to the day to completely fill in the Placed by date chart. Nice.

Completed "Placed by date" chart

Completed “Placed by date” chart




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