Half day in Hofors

29 04 2013

As I am now in Turkey I will add the photos when I get home.

Halfway through Friday a mail turned up in my mailbox. Geocaching in Hofors on Sunday? As I had nothing else planned, of course the answer was yes. So at the leisurely hour of 10 am Slas, Madchicken67 and Ironhawk67 congregated at the car park outside Slas apartment then drove over to Hofors for a half day of caching.

Although Hofors is less than half an hours drive from work there are very few caches there that I have found. Actually when I come to think about it, when I last visited Hofors I had found all the caches that were there at the time and even placed one of my own. Massey Arch Hammer which means we are talking about 2009!

The day started off with a quick find at Kornskruven then a pleasant series of caches around Hammardammen and a well crafted final mystery cache that gave the series a favourite point from me. Even though the weather has been pretty warm for a couple of weeks there was still plenty of ice on the lake, not that I would have dared go out on it. It would also have been interesting to find out more about what looked like a hydroelectric power station on the canal but it seemed to be in private ownership judging by the big “Stopp” private signs.

Lunch was eaten at the local pizzeria just across the road from Lucas Electric. I had solved the mystery ages ago but there was some dispute amongst us as to whether the solution gave a “green tick” in the geochecker or not. I can’t remember but all I know is that my GPS homed in on to the cache whilst the others were inspecting a building twenty meters or so away. ūüėČ

A cache that was in an interesting spot was Lillgösken. Here we found a series of small canals and waterways from the lake Lillgösken out towards the mines and other ironmaking ruins downstream of the lake.

The disappointment of the day was not being able to find Nyängs anrikningsverk. This is a place that could benefit from more study.

As this was only a short day out Slas and I gave up after Kraftverksdammen leaving
MC72 and IH67 to continue finding caches in the Torsåker area.




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