Vår tid i Hedemora

7 06 2013

During the past few weeks work has kept me on my toes. I had, of course to catch up on things that didn’t get done on my week off in Turkey. As a consequence I have just found a few local caches, either close to work or close to home, so not much to write about. This past weekend was a bit different.

Hedemora is a spot on the map where both I and my geocaching friends in Gävle are turning our eyes. A thousand caches or thereabouts are available today.
When I made my first geocaching visit to the area back in October 2004 it was to find Rällingsberg and that was one of about 20 caches in total that existed then.

Today, there are a few power trails and hundreds of mystery caches in addition to a long list of traditional. There are still very few Wherigos, Letterbox hybrids and Earthcaches. As a new Wherigo and Letterbox cache were launched at the event on Saturday maybe things will change.

Team “dims”, in other words ds8300 (me), Ironhawk67, Madchicken72 and Slas have a long list of solved mysteries in the Hedemora area and we just need todecide on a suitable date to visit the place. The event weekend would have been ideal but it coincided with the GD/GIF olympiad in Gävle and other family
related activities for the others. I wanted to visit Utsikt över Hedemora 3 – T/5 Event together with Slas but he was unable to make it and as we also had one of the grandsons staying I decided that it would be better if we all attended the event Vår Tid i Hedemora 2013.

We got to the event venue at about 10:30 and spent the first few minutes spotting the TB transfers on the cars parked outside the IOGT/NTO building where the event was taking place. When we went in I was surprised at how many people were there. We logged in and put on our badges then started scanning the crowd to see if there was anyone we knew. Yes, chgus, MrZZ, and Sabolina were there as was sr88 from Gävle. There were loads of names that were known but now got a face attached to them. Zuggs and NickeLilltroll came and said hi as they wanted to put a face to my name. I was really pleased to say hi to “postkod” as we call SE-81293. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to talk as Svedjan started to introduce the activities for the day.

The event was well organised and I was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by all those I had chance to talk to. Having both a station to upload gpx files and a paper listing was great as was the TB/geocoin service provided by knatos. It was a shame that his cache Soviet Anfaller was archived before I had chance to get over and look for it. The meeting place was a good size and there were plenty of eats and drinks available.
Unfortunately, we were unable to return later in the day for the further activities.

Svedjan informing about the day's activities

Svedjan informing about the day’s activities

It was interesting to see that a couple of cachers from as far away as Australia were present as well as a couple from Norway. We loaded the GPS with the event caches and grabbed a paper list. By which time, the hunt was on and most of the cachers who are FTF hounds shot off. We had another priority – picnic.
That was what our grandson wanted to do first!

We drove over to the old “hembyggdsgården” and started our picnic. I coulnd’t help but notice on my GPS that there was a cache just 100 meters away. Petersburg 🙂
So when we had eaten I took “mini-ds8000-2” grandson on the first cache hunt of the day. He was pleased to be able to take a key ring and leave something from his geocaching “goody bag” that he has. I was keen to get on and find more caches!

The old water works in Hedemora look as though they came from Russia

The old water works in Hedemora look as though they came from Russia

The theme for the day was to find large or regular caches with the hope that they would contain “swag” so that the five year old was happy. I had also listed a few caches with high favourite points. Some of them were on the Dalälven PT so we visited them later in the afternoon on our way home.

The first cache on my list was De vassaste knivarna i lådan Large cache and 42 FP followed by
Hamreladan Large cache

Now which box is the logbook in?

Now which box is the logbook in?

Brunnsjöbergets Letterbox This was released at the event and is one of two letterbox/hybrids in the area.

These letterbox caches are fun!

These letterbox caches are fun!

Tyst i klassen! 50 FP
Ångloket i Grådö 19 FP

A great place to hide a cache.

A great place to hide a cache.

Dalälven #105 Rensboberget 123 FP!

King of the forest

King of the forest

Dalälven #104 Föryngringsyta 37 FP
Dalälven #101 Lada 53 FP
Dalälven #92 Nära Hovran 65 FP

From my own geocaching perspective it was a very quiet day with extremely little activity but from the other members of the team it was full of activity and some fun caches were found.




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7 06 2013

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