Did you get yours?

15 07 2013

New souvenir from Groundspeak

New souvenir from Groundspeak

It was Geocaching Get Outdoors Day on Saturday, August 13 and Groundspeak gave everyone who logged a find or attended an event a souvenir.

I’m not sure I see much point in them but for anyone who is a “collector” it is an extra category of items to save as well as the numbers that are kept on the statistics page. For a collector of souvenirs then August will be a busy time as a souvenir is being awarded for logging a find on every day of the month. I also believe that there will be a souvenir for International Geocaching day on August 17.

I can say right now that I will not succeed in collecting the full complement of 32 or 33 souvenirs even if I had the inclination. I have so few unfound caches close to home so trying to get a months streak of caches would be a chore and I want to keep enjoying geocaching. I guess that if the weather is good then I may manage half. Let you know in September!




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15 07 2013

I did get mine — along with my partner, dagdvm. My situation is the opposite of yours. I haven’t cached relentlessly near home I do have a good chance to find a cache every day in August. At the very least I could extend my current streak record which is 12 days.

We’ll see…

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