A milestone and a souvenir

24 07 2013

FranceSouvenirThis is a day that will stay in my mind for some time as so many things all seemed to happen at once. Firstly it was my older daughters birthday. Happy birthday, Tove! It was also a day where I found caches in three countries and my 4000th cache! Before I left Sweden I knew I would reach the milestone but not in which of the three counties we visited it woud be in. It turned out to be France. Not only that but it was a cache at an interesting place.

We left Rochefort in Belgium in the morning, ate lunch in Luxembourg City and found a couple of caches in France before eating a good dinner in Revin. Again it was a really hot day and the air conditioning in the car was really appreciated. One thing that struck us was that we didn’t really know which country we were in some of the time. It seems that we passed through Belgium again on our way into France but there was no physical evidence that we had done so.

Our first find in France was also No. 4000. It was Death Road to Cimetière St Hilaire and the most appropriate thing in my mind was that the CO’s nickname was “Yorkshire Pudding”. What could be better than me – a Yorkshireman – finding another Yorkshireman’s cache in France? 😉

Interesting artifacts

Interesting artifacts

A very different cemetery to those in Sweden.

A very different cemetery to those in Sweden.


Just as I reached the old part of the cemetery I heard a car alarm and thinking it was ours as we were the only ones there I rushed back only to find that a second car had arrived and it was that making the noise. As a result I didn’t get any photos of the old cemetery.




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