Where is ds8300 now?

4 08 2013

This is the first WordPress post that I have published from my Nexus 7 and was sent from Gardermoen airport. Some will recognise that as having the airport code OSL and being Oslo’s international airport. My stay in Oslo will be very short and the next stop will be EWR followed by LAX. You may wonder what I am doing flying to Los Angeles?

It will become apparent over the next few posts. Even though it’s just an eighty minute drive to Stockholm Arlanda airport catching a 07:30 flight meant leaving home in the middle of the night and I hate that. However, this is a rather special trip as it is to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. 🙂 In my case this is my 37th visit to USA but the first ever trip to USA for my partner and we are both looking forward to it.

Hopefully I will be able to increase my US geocache find count of 68 by a considerable number and do all the sightseeing that such a trip involves. In addition to that I will undoubtably get a new geocaching souvenir or two for states that I will visit to complement the four that I have.

State Souvenirs

State Souvenirs

In addition to that I will get souvenirs for any of the dates in August that I find caches. I have no inclination to go for a month streak – that’s just a chore.




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