The Mosquito Stone

22 10 2013

For several months, in fact since July I have been stuck on 79 different Difficulty/Terrain combinations. The final two seemed to be out of my grasp probably mostly due to inertia on my part and partly to putting more priority on looking for other caches. Completing the Jasmer challenge was something that I wanted to do first and that I managed to complete in August. Since then work has demanded a lot of my time but when Slas asked if I was interested in attempting some climbing caches I jumped at the chance.

The two D/T combinations that I hadn’t found were D4/T5 and D4.5/T5 so I could guess that I would either need a boat or a rope. A quick look in GSAK of the caches in Sweden that fell into those two groups gave me a dozen caches that were within a couple of hours drive from home. Half of them were multis and the rest were either traditionals or mysteries. A combination of distance and not needing to solve difficult puzzles narrowed the search down to just three caches. The closest one was only 70 km away and at a place I had visited before. It was Myggstenen. The rock is a block about 10 x 10 x 10 m and a remnant of the last ice age. I visited in on 2005-09-03 in order to find the cache The Mosquito Stone.

Even though I have been to the rock before I was still amazed by it’s size. When we got there after following many partly frozen small roads through the forest there was a layer of snow on the ground but luckily not on the rock. As others have done we anchored our ropes on the ladder and prepared to abseil down the far side to the cache. Slas was first down to log the find. He continued down the rope to about 1m from the ground. “Anything wrong?” I asked. “No, I just want to use my gear to climb up the rope again” was the answer, and up he came.

ds8300 with logbook in hand

ds8300 with logbook in hand

Then it was my turn and it didn’t take long before my signature was also in the log book. A short abseil but another D/T combination crossed off my list.

80 down 1 to go

80 down 1 to go

Now I only have one to go and I can foresee a day trip to Dalarna is on the cards as soon as Slas and I can get a free weekend. I guess we may be visiting either Trädmonumentet or Bispbergs Klack Extreme.

We took another route home and picked up a few easy caches, but found nothing worth a favourite point.




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