Autumn cleanup

19 11 2013

Having been a geocacher for over ten years I am not a lover of micros in non-urban environments where there is often plenty of space for a larger container. However, in urban environments where muggles abound they have their place. I, as with many others frequently use 35 mm film canisters but even here there is a difference between a good one and a poor one. The Kodak film canisters, black with a grey lid were good watertight canisters. Now, Eastman Kodak is no more and we are left with translucent white Fujifilm canisters which are not watertight.

Typical film canister from Fujifilm after camo work - not watertight.

Typical film canister from Fujifilm after camo work – not watertight.

I have a series of micros in the Upptåget series where there is a mixture of canisters, both from Kodak and Fuji. During the four and a half years that they have been active there have been a number of maintenance requests, mostly for wet or full logstrips. One cache had cache creep – it wandered up about three meters on the Z-axis which increased the T-rating of course. The wet logs were in the Fujifilm canisters whereas no wet logs were reported in the Kodak canisters.

#1 338 finds, 5 maintenance. 2 muggled, 1 no pen, 1 wet log, 1 missing lid and log,
#2 128 finds, no maintenance.
#3 146 finds, 4 maintenance. 2 lid missing & wet log. (I found the lid on the ground below the cache), 2 wet logs.
#4 128 finds, 0 maintenance.
#5 104 finds, 0 maintenance.
#6 163 finds, 4 maintenance. 4 wet logs.
#7 205 finds, 4 maintenance. 2 wet logs, 2 magnet and lid missing (same time).
#8 89 finds, 2 maintenance. 1 wet log & 1 full and wet log.
#9 117 finds, 0 maintenance.
#10 85 finds, 1 maintenance. 1 wet log.
#11 119 finds, 1 maintenance. 1 full log.
#12 160 finds, 2 maintenance. 2 full logs.
#13 507 finds, 6.maintenance. 2 x 2 wet & full logs, 1 dropped down a hole! and 1 hiding place demolished!
#14 209 finds, 4 maintenance. 3 full logs and 1 building site closed cache
#15 257 finds, 1 maintenance. Muggled

Total 2755 finds, 34 maintenance logs.

So what is the solution?

Well, when it comes to the Upptåg series I have decided to archive them, perhaps with the exception of #1, #13 and #15. In the case of #1 and #13 I will replace the film canisters with PET tubes which are really watertight albeit a bit larger than the film canisters. The main reason is that I have spent both time and money travelling backwards and forwards along the line replacing logs or caches. In hindsight I should have used better containers although I’m not sure PET tubes were available then.

For #15 there is a bit of a mystery around that cache. Three and a half years ago the cache got five DNF’s in quick succession then I received a mail from a Czech cacher to say that he had replaced the container. Since then it has been troublefree and I get comments about how great the container is. I haven’t seen it so if anyone out there can send me a photo I would be really pleased to see it.

From now on any micros I place will be PET tubes unless I can guarantee that the cache is in a dry place, and then I may use one of the many film canisters that I have at home – it’s a shame that they are all the leaky ones.

So, now a few days after I wrote this I can inform that #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, & #14 have been physically archived. When I get chance I will remove the others in the series.




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