Upptåget series has been archived

16 12 2013

The heading is not quite true as three caches in the series remain, but on December 15 I made an evening trip on slushy roads to remove three more of the Upptåg series of caches. #10 – Skyttorp, #11 – Vattholma & #12 – Storvreta.

All that remains of the series are #1 – Gävle, #13 – Uppsala and #15 – Upplands-Väsby. I may rename them as the Upptåg only runs between Gävle and Uppsala. They are still in place as they attract many visits.

No more film canisters for micros

No more film canisters for micros

I may place a new series of micros next year but one thing is certain, I will be using PET pre-forms not film canisters purely and simply to help reduce the amount of maintenance I will need to do.




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